Starting To Build a Chrome Extension

July 31, 2018 — 2 Min Read — In Coding

I've always been interested in building a Chrome Extension. Chrome is by far my favorite browser and I use a lot of Chrome Extensions so why not build one myself?

Since I've been itching to start a new fun project, I decided to start researching today. I found a few helpful resources. Here are some links:

Know what's got me more excited? The fact that I can build one using React 🎊 This is so awesome! And I found a tutorial/boilerplate which uses parcel (alternative to webpack). May be good to learn as I've seen it mentioned a few times on Twitter.

Now you're probably wondering, "What's the idea?" Well let me tell you. It's a Chrome Extension that will help others know the time of your meetings in their timezone. Example scenario without the extension:

Today, I was supposed to meet with a friend from Twitter at 5:00pm MST. I mixed her timezone up and ended up missing the meeting.

Example with the extension:

Today, I met with a friend from Twitter. I told her we would meet at 5:00pm MST and used this nifty Chrome Extension. I love it because it included a link for her to view the meeting time in her local timezone. She simply visited the link and it showed the time and date based on her location. Amazing!

I'm planning to separate this project into two repositories: one for the extension itself and another for the website that will convert the time to the user's local timezone.

I don't know how long this will take but I'll do my best to document what I learn along the way😀