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Argentine Cultural in Arizona

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For a while, I’ve been on mission to find Argentinians and Argentine culture here in Arizona. At least, I’ve found something worth sharing.

Argentinos en Arizona Facebook Group

I don’t know why I didn’t think about searching for this before but there is a large private Facebook group called ARGENTINOS en ARIZONA. I will have to report back on what I find in here.

My hope is to at least meet a couple parents here who have kids under 2. Maybe set up a little playdate so my daughter can get some Spanish practice in and I can meet some cool people.

Buenos Aires Empanadas

There is a family that sells authentic empanadas at farmer’s markets, catering, etc. Here is a link to the Facebook page.

Che Empanada Cafe

This is a restaurant in Tucson which also has Argentinian food. You can find there site here.


This is a restaurant in Sedona which makes really good burgers apparently. More info here.

I‘ll add more to this as I find it. Wish me luck!

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