I'm Joe Previte, a Frontend Developer with a passion for learning.

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HHow to Create Subdomain in Gatsby/Netlify

August 01, 20181 Min Read — In Coding

So you want to add a subdomain to your site? It wasn't super clear in the docs but I figured it out and wanted to share to make your life easier! 😄 Here's how to create a subdomain for your Gatsby…

SStarting To Build a Chrome Extension

July 31, 20182 Min Read — In Coding

I've always been interested in building a Chrome Extension. Chrome is by far my favorite browser and I use a lot of Chrome Extensions so why not build one myself? Since I've been itching to start a…

WWhat I learned from my first #100DaysOfCode

May 31, 20181 Min Read — In Coding

I wrote this article and submitted it to freeCodeCamp's Medium. It was published and shared in Quincy Larson's weekly email digest as one of his top three must-reads. It has over 50K views. You can…