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Hey Lenny 👋

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I saw your LinkedIn Post about the Newsletter Fellowship. I thought I’d put something together real quick for you to let me expand beyond the Google Form.

Writing, Podcast & Newsletter-y Things

Engineering & Solopreneur-y Things

Why I Want To Do This

It comes down to three main reasons:

  1. I want to learn from you
  2. I want to give the newsletter/podast life a second shot
  3. I want to explore the solopreneur path

I put together a 2.5min Loom video if you want to hear more.

Writing Samples

A few writing samples you might like:


I currently work as a Senior Full Stack Engineer in the Growth org at Mercury where our team runs A/B experiments to increases key metrics such as the number of companies with deposits in their account by Day 30.

On the side, I’m actively exploring routes for solopreneur to supplement my full-time work, which is one of big reasons why I’m applying to the Newsletter Fellowship.


I have a few LinkedIn recommendations, but I’d be more than happy to provide additional references if requested.