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Create a GitHub PR Template

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PR templates are one of my favorite features. I can’t remember when I first learned about them but essentially, it’s a template which appears when someone opens a pull request on your project. This comes in handy for projects with multiple contributors.

If you prefer to learn by watching, you can find this on egghead.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Create a .github directory at the root of your project
  2. Add a file called . Here’s an example:
This PR...

## Changes


## Screenshots

(prefer animated gif)

## Checklist

- [ ] tested locally
- [ ] added new dependencies
- [ ] updated the docs
- [ ] added a test

Fixes #
  1. Make sure these changes are on the default branch
  2. Open a PR and viola! See your template in action.

Enjoy the added benefits of using PR templates!

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