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Migrating from Convertkit to Revue

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I’ve been seen a lot of folks on Twitter with the “Subscribe to my newsletter” button below their profile bio. I knew Twitter acquired Revue not too long ago but wasn’t sure about the service.

Fast-forward to December 2021, I get a bill for $500 year from ConvertKit. Yikes!

I’m all in favor of paying for software but for someone like me with around 1300 subscribers sending 1 email per month, $500 is hard to swallow. I decided it was time to switch.

Here’s how I migrated to Revue from ConvertKit.

The Process

It’s actually pretty straightforward. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Sign up for Revue with Twitter
  2. Change branding, messaging, etc. on Revue
  3. Add newsletter to Twitter profile
  4. Change the email signup on my website
  5. Export subscribers from ConvertKit
  6. Import subscribers to Revue

After doing all that, I had officially migrated over!


There were a few gotchas through the process.

No support for tags

You can’t tag subscribers on Revue in the same way you can on ConvertKit.

This means you can’t segment users (easily). I’m sure you could set up some Zapier to add people to a spreadsheet and keep track of different segments that way, but sounds like a lot of work. I’ve decided to keep things simple and just use one list with one purpose.

Importing a lot of subscribers places your account under review

After importing my subscribers from ConvertKit, Revue put my account “under review.” I assume this is meant to protect the platform from allowing folks who steal emails or spam users to go unnoticed.

It took 48 hours from importing before I could send my first email. Keep that in mind when you switch.

There is an API

I only found this by accident but Revue actually has an API - hooray! Here’s a direct link to their docs.


I sent my first email this month and I’m very pleased with the results! Again, for someone sending one email per month and who doesn’t use any fancy automations, Revue is the perfect platform.

I also wrote up a Twitter thread sharing my notes on the experience. Check it out.