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I finally revised my old website and have updated my blog! 😄

This has been a few months in the making actually. I can’t recall when - it might have been in October - but I had a call with Joel Hooks to talk about goals and my career aspirations. One of the pieces of advice he gave me was to “own my own content”. I had already stopped writing on Medium after the whole debacle with the paywall and freeCodeCamp. I wrote a few posts on

Finally, I made it happen. Here is where all my future content will live (for the foreseable future). I’m really excited. I have a ton of blog posts ideas in the pipeline of all the things I’ve been learning lately related to TypeScript, testing, React, GraphQL and CLIs to name a few.

I hope you’re excited too. Keep an eye out for more posts! 👀

Until next time!

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