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Newsletter Notes

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Earlier this year, I started two newsletters: one about learning Argentinian Spanish and another about helping non-native English speakers land remote dev jobs. Because of the heavy focus on Newsletters as a medium, I gathered a lot of notes. Fair warning though…one newsletter has 80+ subs and the other has 1000+ so take my notes with a grain of salt.

But they’ve been living in my Notion…which means they’re not available to anyone but me. I decided, “Why let these sit here and rot? Let’s publish on my blog, clear up Notion and maybe it’ll help someone else.”

Plus, I’m selfishly hoping it starts a conversation with someone new and leads to a new friendship. That’s the whole point of putting your thoughts on the internet anyway.

So let’s dive in.

Newsletters about Newsletters

Anyone talking about newsletters or how to grow them, I instantly subscribed to. That lead to a lot of inbox fatigue. But, these all still have valuable tips, many around newsletter growth and monetization.

Here’s the short list along with a short description of each:

How to Make $1M with a Newsletter Business

Again, planning to go all in on newsletters and make a bet I could figure out how to pass my full-time income, I created a roadmap for getting to one million in revenue. Enjoy!

The math for a $1m newsletter is simple. All you need to do is get 2% of 100,000 subscribers to convert on purchasing a $250 course. And you need to send 2 newsletters per week, with 1 ad spot per newsletter and sell each spot for $5,000 for a total of 104 ad spots per year. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.


  • 100,000 subscribers
  • 2% conversion rate
  • $250 course
  • 2 newsletters/week
  • 1 ad spot per newsletter
  • $5,000 per ad spot

Course Revenue

  • 100,000 x 2% = 1,000 conversions
  • 2,000 x $250 = $500,000 revenue

Ad Revenue

  • 52 weeks/year * 2 newsletters/week = 104 ad spots
  • 104 x $5,000 = $520,000 revenue

Source: The Math Behind a $1M newsletter

Strategies & Tips

These are random tweets or threads that I bookmarked with the intention of applying these to my own strategy. Many of them are worth reading and adopting.