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Storytelling is an art. I think someone who can code and tell good stories is unstoppable. It’s one thing to build a cool product. It’s another to tell the story that convinces people to listen and try it.

I started paying attention to this skill in 2022 and working with a coach to get better.

Here is what I’ve learned so far:

Framework for Critical Arcs

My coach and friend Roger helped me breakdown the framework:

  1. setup

    1. add some foreshadowing
  2. make interactions with person interesting

    1. need something to be interesting before we find out he is a millionaire
    2. connect with person first
  3. reveal

    1. success
    2. “now what can i learn from this?”
  4. transition from obvious → less obvious ephiphany 1. what i learned about [i nsert topic] 2. the real lesson about life

  5. transition from what i learned → what audience can learn

    1. “let them share your epiphany”
    2. how can they apply it themselves
    3. connect to them
    4. this is the meta (break fourth wall)

Summary from Julian’s Tweet Thread

Julian wrote a wonderful thread on storytelling here. This is my summary:

The Art of Storytelling is to:

  • strategically withhold information
  • drag out the nail-biting details
  • use vocal rhythm or blow your own mind

Breaking it into individual, you need to be able to:

  1. identify stories worth-telling:

    1. moments that are either formative or painful
    2. moments of triumph or cringe
  2. be charismatic

    1. charisma = confidence + joy + love
  3. practice public solitude

    1. speak as if you’re alone in the room
    2. research Konstantin Stanislavski
  4. blow your own mind

    1. relive feelings before speaking
    2. see Jason Silva as an example

I hope to update this as I learn more!

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